The Cloudesley Association has been contacted by the Church Commissioners who have prepared a “Legal Scheme” and related documents setting out the Diocese’s proposals for renovating the church. They are inviting representations from interested parties for or against the proposals, which must be received by 14 April 2019. You can view the proposals here:

As mentioned in the most recent newsletter, our first impression is that this development is just a standard legal procedure to prepare the ground for the renovation project proper, but if you have any views, positive or negative, or informed opinions on the proposals, then please do make your representations known to the Church Commissioners by the April 14 deadline, or email Amanda and Florence before then at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will also be an opportunity to discuss this subject at the next Meeting in May.

Later addition (11 April 2019): Representation letter to Commissioners from Nick Collin, Cloudesley Square (your website manager).  Comments welcome!