Hooray!  The scaffolding and shuttering has come down and for the first time in months we can see the south aisle of the church, extensively repaired and with a brand new roof.

Here's some photos showing the last stages of the restoration work.  Insulation is laid under the roof.  Then the internal beams are remoulded using a special template to shape the plaster into the required profile.


Internal beam 1














The valley gutter is lined with thick lead sheeting.  The gutter leads into hoppers which feed into brand new, high capacity cast iron drainpipes which were specially made for the church.  There are drainpipes at either end of the aisle, as before, plus two new ones in the middle.  Hopefully this will cope with all that rainfall and leaves - the main cause of the damage in the first place.

Gutter Lined With Lead



The new slate tiles are laid on wooden battens above the rafters.  Each tile is broken in the traditional manner rather than cut.  And here's the result - a magnificent new roof!

New Tiles

Tiles EdgeTiles


The south aisle is now safe to enter and is already being used - for an exhibition based on the Tales From the Crypt research.  Here's a couple of interior shots.  The first shows panels from the exhibition, bathed in the light from the stained glass window.  The second is a close-up of the pristine new ceiling with the plaster beams painted to look like wood, just as Barry intended!

Interior 2 proc exhibition




 Interior 1 proc ceiling














And finally, some exterior photos: the new south aisle, the south porch - look at the detailing on the stonework of the arch - and a view of the roof from my bedroom window!

IMG 1104 proc

IMG 1105 procIMG 110 proc



#1 Guest 2020-10-03 17:20
Great to see that the work has been completed and lovely photos!