As promised, the repair of the north aisle is almost complete and the scaffolding should be coming down soon.  Unsurprisingly, the work has largely been a repeat of the work on the south aisle, reported on in earlier posts.

First, some pictures of the damage to wood, stone, brick, and plaster, which, once again, was extensive.

Wood Damage 1Stone Damage 1Brick Damage 1Plaster Damage 1


Now some pictures of the repairs.  Note the widespread use of reinforcing steel beams and wood inserts.  The large triangular wooden structure is a splice in the north aisle roof.

Gutter 1Wood Splice 1Steel Beam 1Steel Beam 2 Rotated

















And finally, the end results.  Once again, the tiles are welsh slate, the new stonework is bath stone from Wells Cathedral Stonemasons, the new gutter is lined with lead and specially designed cast iron drainpipes have been fitted.  Note the black steel bars attached to the wall above the roof.  These were there when the work commenced (also on the south aisle) and Danny believes they were put up to hold the scaffolding for the previous nave roof repairs - if so, they've come in handy again as you can see.


New Roof 1New Stonework 1New Tiles 1New Roof 3


Next week, scaffolding will go up within the church so that the badly damaged ceiling of the nave can be repaired using traditional lath and plaster techniques.  

We leave you with Danny's magnificent photo of the nave roof, looking West.

Nave Roof Looking West



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