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Dirk MeerstadtMy wife and I have lived happily in Cloudesley Road since 1984 and now with our working aged son.  My wife is a retired Director of Nursing and I a retired Consultant Paediatrician.  Over the years I have collected a number of old maps and prints of Islington; interestingly one of the maps (1850) lists our road as Park Street.


#5 paul goldberg 2023-01-14 02:56
my email is

am still married to mira with 2 kids and 3 grandkids.
went to marys reunion in london number of years ago but only still friendly with people listed below.
you cut your hair from marys days.
also appear you settled down. too bad.
do you still go to tanzania?
best coffee in the world. remember our mombasa adventure well.i should have climbed kili with you when visiting.
my daughter and family just came back from safari to amboseli, suburu, and masi maara.
my year is having another reunion in may but doubt I will go as going to France in March to see granddaughter at school there and to israel in June for my 2 granddaughters bat mitzvahs.
#4 Dirk Meerstadt 2022-12-19 14:59
How wonderful to hear from you Paul after nearly 50 years. Above is my Email address but the included brackets heed to be removed.
Send me your Email address and we shall catch up. Fond best wishes. Dirk
#3 paul goldberg 2022-12-16 22:58
It has been many years and I was talking to my best friend, Ray Kwik, from Marys, and we were talking about Africa and I told him about my adventures with you and decided to look you up.
Are you still as crazy as you used to be then (haha).
I was also a pediatriciaan and then specialized in immunology and asthma and retired about 5 years ago.
Hope you and your family are all well and would like to turn back the clock to 1967 again.
Those were the best years of my life living in London for 6 years.
I remember my visit to Africa with you really well and had such a great time.
Also had great time at Mary"s.
Even looked at your picture from my wedding.
I keep in touch with Nick Jones, Andy Chapman, Neil Poulter, and Ray Kwik who lives in the states.
Stay well
#2 Alarys Gibson 2019-02-15 15:35
Hello Dirk, I have been asked to contact you by Norman Newmarch, who apparently did plumbing work for you in the past. His life has taken a terrible turn: if you would be kind enough to email me, , I can give you more info. He also worked many times for my husband and me, over the 30+ years we lived in Lonsdale Square, and we always liked him. Sorry to contact you out of the blue like this, best wishes, Alarys Gibson
#1 Sarah clark 2018-12-01 21:05
Lost yr email address and want to keep in contact. How can i do that? X

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