Trawling through the records reveals the following makers of sporting goods living in the Cloudesley Estate in the early 20th century:

  • Billiard Maker, Frank Williams, 25 Cloudesley Square, 1901
  • Tennis Bat Maker, George Watkins Capel, 347 Liverpool Rd, 1902
  • Billiard Maker, James Beazley, 6 Cloudesley Place, 1902
  • Cricket Bat Maker, William James Shaw, 17 Cloudesley Square, 1910
  • Lawn Tennis Bat Stringer, Edward Sheppard, 33 Cloudesley Square, 1910
  • Tennis Racquet Maker, John Thomas Berry, 32 Cloudesley Place, 1910
  • Tennis Racquet Maker, Albert Baker, 7 Cloudesley Square, 1923

A quick Google search suggests that these residents, at least the Tennis Racquet or "Bat" Makers, may have been employed by T.H. Prosser & Sons on Pentonville Rd.  According to British History Online:

"A notable manufacturer based here from the 1880s into the early 1900s was T. H. Prosser & Sons, at Nos 198–200, the leading makers of rackets, lawn tennis and athletic equipment.  Established in Pentonville in the 1850s, Prossers supplied universities and schools, and were official makers to Princes Club in Knightsbridge and Queen's Club in West Kensington. They were also the first to make lawn tennis rackets, under the direction of Major Wingfield, inventor of the game."

More speculatively, it is tempting to make an association between the Cricket Bat Maker and the Cricket Ground at White Conduit Fields, predecessor of The MCC