"From Cradle to Grave - An Islington Life"


Burial RecordsCharles Masonthorpe

In 1813, Charles Mason Sharpe was born in Chapel Street, now Chapel Market.  He died in 1849 at the tender age of 36 in Dalston and his coffin was laid in the crypt of Holy Trinity Church in Cloudesley Square, next to that of his father Joseph, who had died four months earlier.  I published a photo of the plaque on the coffin on this website 168 years later (see here), where it was noticed by Cloudesley Road resident Jenny Tatton.  Intrigued, Jenny started researching Charles' life and ended up uncovering the story of an Islington family who were born, baptised, lived, worked and died locally.  You can read the whole fascinating story here.  


Does anyone else have similar stories of former local residents?  Let me know and I'll preserve them for posterity here on the website.