In 1909 William ("Billy") Edwin Barnes married Elsie Smith in Holy Trinity Church.

Jul 24 1909 William Edwin Barnes 32 Bachelor Professional Footballer 86 Upperton Rd, Plaistow
Jul 24 1909 Elsie Annie Smith 22 Spinster - 18 Cloudesley Mansions

 According to Wikipedia:  

Son of a dockworker, William Edwin Barnes was born in West Ham on 20th May 1879.

His football career began at Thames Ironworks at the age of sixteen. He later played for the likes of Leyton, Sheffield United and West Ham United.

Rangers signed him in 1907 from Luton Town and he made his debut against Tottenham Hotspur at Park Royal on 2nd September.

After making 234 appearances, and scoring 37 goals, Billy was transferred to Southend United in 1913. He was to manage Athletic Bilbao in two spells, 1914-1916 and 1920-1921.

Billy passed away in 1962.

Taddy & Co. also featured him in their Prominent Footballer series in 1907.”

Here are two rather splendid images of Billy from around the time of his marriage:

William BarnesIMG 1319 William Barnes