The 1891 census shows Henry Hume, aged 62, a wholesale milliner, living at 34 Cloudesley Square with his wife Jane and no less than thirteen children!  The table reveals that from the ages of 21 to 44 Mrs Hume gave birth to a new child more or less continually every two years, with only one servant to help her!

Henry Hume 62 Wholesale Milliner
Jane Hume 48
Thomas G Hume 27 Draper’s Assistant
Robert James Hume 25 Commercial Traveller
Jane C Hume 23 Teacher of Music
Jessie M Hume 20 Milliner
Edith L E Hume 18 Milliner
Louisa M Hume 15 Scholar
Lilian H Hume 14 Scholar
Frank L Hume 13 Scholar
Edgar O Hume 11 Scholar
Arthur W Hume 10 Scholar
Catherine G Hume 8 Scholar
Fred K Hume 7 Scholar
Mable J Hume 4
Susannah Whitebread 53 General Servant Domestic

None of the children appear to have been baptised or married in Holy Trinity.  Ten years later in 1901, the eldest son, Thomas is still living at No 34, and still a Draper's Assistant, married to Ada from Essex, but the rest of the Humes have vanished.  Where did they go?