12 stonefield 1 clone 3In 1841, Thomas Julians (1778-1851) was living at 12 Stonefield Street (see contemporary photo, right) and his first wife, Susannah, was buried at Holy Trinity in 1840.  As part of the "Tales from the Crypt" project, Jenny (AKA "the ferret") has left no stone unturned in her detailed research of the Julians family - see here!  She eventually tracked down his grave in Highgate cemetery - see photo below.  Thomas was interred here in 1851 and his second wife Sarah in 1893, but - and here's the mystery - in between, in 1879, Thomas was joined by an infant, Felix Whittington, who according to the records, only lived for one hour!  Who was Felix Whittington?  Jenny's best guess is that he was Thomas's great nephew, but perhaps we will never know for sure!

Jenny Grave 2