19 stonefield 3Charles James Fair was born in 1799 and lived at 19 Stonefield Street (see 2019 photo, right).  Four of his children were baptised at Holy Trinity Church.  One infant son, Thomas, and a brother, Thomas Morgan, were also buried in the church.  But in the 1940s the Fair family appear to have emigrated to the Western Cape, South Africa - we have images of their graves there - see here for Jenny's detailed family documentation.

Interestingly, Charles' sister Esther married into the Buckler family in 1828.  John Chessels Buckler was probably a brother of Henry Buckler whom we know was a prominent resident of the Cloudesley Estate at that time.  

The Fairs were a family of mariners and merchants.  The father of Charles and Esther, Captain Thomas Fair, ended up in Demerara, Guyana!