I was going to start researching the history of pubs in or around the Cloudesley Estate but soon found I didn't need to when I came across the excellent "Pub Wiki" website (click here for all pubs in Islington).  This lists all pubs past and present in the area, and indeed in the whole of London and most of the South East!  For each pub there is a list of past owners (although curiously, not usually beyond 1944).  There are usually also one or more photos and often some interesting historical details. 

If anyone has additional information or their own stories to tell about any of these pubs please do get in touch - the easiest way is just to add a comment at the bottom of this page.

What is immediately apparent is that there used to be many more pubs than there are today!  Listed below are first the few pubs in the area which are still going strong, then the far larger number which no longer exist as pubs, having been converted into private residences or offices or in one case a church (The Church on the Corner) and in another having been apparently been bombed out of existence (The Prince of Brunswick)!  All pictures are from Pub Wiki unless indicated otherwise.  Clicking on the names links to the current website in the case of pubs present and to the Pub Wiki entry in the case of pubs past.


Pubs Present


The Crown, 116 Cloudesley Road.  My local, and the best pub in the world!










Drapers Arms, 44 Barnsbury Street.  Excellent gastropub and host to Coudesley Association meetings.









The Albion, 10 Thornhill Road.  Fine pub which existed as the Albion Tea House long before the Cloudesley Estate was developed.  Huge garden.


Here below is a splendid photo of the Albion in its glory days c1880s, which Kieran Garvey has unearthed.  Note the huge sign advertising Watneys Ales and the horse drawn carriage poking out of what later became a garage.

The albion c1880s 002

















PigAndButcherPig and Butcher, 80 Liverpool Road.  Another gastropub famous for its meat dishes!  Current photo.  Used to be Minogues.










RegentThe Regent, 201 Liverpool Road.  Lively venue on the corner of Theburton Street.  Current photo.  Used to be various different restaurants.











FoxgloveThe Foxglove, 209 Liverpool Road.  Used to be the Barnsbury, which closed, and has now re-opened as the Foxglove, as pointed out by Nick Brealey in a comment below.  I haven't been there, and it's now closed because of lockdown, but it looks nice on the website and it gets excellent reviews! 













Pubs Past


CloudesleyArmsCloudesley Arms, 34 Cloudesley Place.  Now residential.  Freehold sold by Cloudesley Charity in the 1930s.














The Duke of Wellington, 74 Richmond Road.  Converted into offices.DukeofWellington2












Eclipse1924The Eclipse, 164 Barnsbury Road.  Converted into residential property with interesting Art Deco frontage.




















cotc 20th anniversary 1Kings Arms, 64 Barnsbury Road.  Now The Church on the Corner.










KingDe5King of Denmark, 9 Cloudesley Road.  Now offices.










PrinceofBrunswick1940Prince of Brunswick, 127 Barnsbury Road.  Apparently bombed out of existence during the 2nd World War!










RisingSunBrooksby2Rising Sun, 55 Brooksby Street.  Now residential.


















Suffolk Arms, 10 Cloudesley Road.  No picture.




WhiteConduitWhite Conduit House, 14 Barnsbury Road / Penton Street.  The original site of the famous tea room and gardens.  Now the Little Georgia restaurant.








#2 Nick Collin 2020-05-02 16:59
Thanks Nick. The Rising Sun was the name of the pub in Brooksby St I was trying to remember this afternoon. I swung by there afterwards and although it's now residential there's still a nice sign hanging outside.
#1 Nick Brealey 2020-05-02 15:50
Nick Brealey

Hi Nick,
The Barnsbury became The Foxglove currently (with an interesting beer menu, btw), via the short-lived, ill -starred Bruschetta.