This lovely picture of the superb East window in Holy Trinity Church was kindly supplied by Michael Magbagbeola of the Church of Celestial Christ. It was designed by Thomas Willement, the "father of Victorian stained glass". It shows Sir Richard Cloudesley kneeling with an inscription of his donation to the parish and his initials, R and C, on either side. Willement (1786–1871) was, to quote from his entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, “pre-eminent among a small group of stained-glass artists, who, in the early nineteenth century, utilized the medieval method of making a stained-glass window from separate pieces of coloured glass bound together with lead strips, rather than, as with eighteenth-century artists, using coloured enamels to paint pictures on glass”. Preserving priceless examples of heritage like this is what the church restoration project is all about.


Church East Window 2


And here's a detailed image of Richard Cloudesley (kindly supplied by Melanie Griffiths of the Cloudesley Trust, photo courtesy of Janie Airey):