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#15 Nick Black 2022-08-02 14:38
'little or nothing to be said' of Cloudsley Square according to E Beresford Chancellor in 'The history of the squares of London, topographical and historical' published in 1907. Though he does go on to acknowledge the pedigree of the church.
#14 Nick Collin 2022-03-21 18:03
Hi David. This is fascinating! 11 Cloudesley Square rang a bell with me so I put it in the search box for this website (on the home page) and bingo! it came up with one of my favourite people - Charles Holland Goodwin. Charles was born in the workhouse but turns up living in 11 Cloudesley Square and then seemed to do a swap with Cyril Medley, presumably the father of your friend Terry, and moved into my house a few doors down at 16 Cloudesley Square. No 11 is now occupied by my friend Sian who is also a keen local historian. If you could get in touch with me by email at I'm sure we could turn this into a great story! And I'd love to see that photo of your great uncle George at Holy Trinity School (now a housing association but still the original building).
#13 David Griffiths 2022-03-21 08:50
In 1890 my grandmother Rhoda Elizabeth Griffiths (nee Green) was born at 11 Cloudesley Sq, her best & lifelong friend Lily Watts also lived there. The Greens stayed there for a few years, my grandmother & her brothers both attended Holy Trinity school. I have a photo of my great uncle George in class 3. Grandma stayed in Islington all her life, moving to flats usually at the top of a block, from Anson House in Essex Road eh married her husband went back to Canada after the WW1, Grandma & her mother & my father moved a few times, then she bought a house in Fieldway Crescent Highhbury & stayed there until her death in 1980. In 1963 when at school Barnsbury School For Boys in Eden Grove) I became friends with Terry Medley who also resided at 11 Cloudesley Square and we've remained friends ever since.
#12 Mari 2021-12-03 09:18
(part 2) It would also be wonderful to get some feedback from local residents about what you wanted in the area, for example, you may prefer to keep it as a pub, or to transform the space into a coffee shop. Is a pop up theatre useful, or somewhere where people can meet to discuss local issues?

I'll happily put together a questionnaire, or it would be good to speak to you all in person somehow.

My email:

Obviously this is just a project, perhaps some day it will come into fruition, but I really wanted to make the local people the heart of my design.
Any help would be much appreciated on how I could get the word out to people!

Thanks a lot everyone! :)
#11 Mari 2021-12-03 09:17
Hi everyone,
I am a postgraduate design student at Chelsea College of Art and have been researching the area for my new design.

In an alternative universe, the old King of Denmark pub is not sold into flats and offices, but instead made into a community centre, with an outdoor library, pop up theatre and coffee shop for local residents. As a lifelong resident of North London, I think the Culpeper Community Garden is lovely, so I want to incorporate this into the design too.

The amazing research on the website has been so helpful, but I am looking for the residents and/or shops that were on Cloudesley Road and the old Denmark street before they were demolished? (continued)
#10 James Young 2021-07-04 15:33
I tried to contact the website using admin at cloudesleyassociation dot org but had it returned by my email client gmail - delivery fail, return message to sender. There were a couple of jpg attachments. Would they be the problem? Thanks
#9 Kate Price 2021-03-11 20:35
This is such a good website. The narrative about the Church development is very well written - lots of fascinating information with meticulous attention to detail plus great pictures. And the enthusiasm behind the writing really carries it.
#8 Onjona 2020-08-10 10:45
Wonderful website, really informative and enjoyable reads!
#7 Nick Collin 2020-07-16 12:29
That's very sweet of you Geraldine. Yes, it is hard work but it's a labour of love! If you find out anything interesting about your relative in Cloudesley St do please let us know and we'll publish it - maybe they got married at Holy Trinity and there's photos! We're a bit light on Cloudesley St information.
#6 Geraldine Todd 2020-07-16 12:28
I just wanted to congratulate you on the huge task and what a mine of information your website is. I came across it because I had a relative who had lived at 20 Cloudesley Street back in 1921 this is the address showing on the marriage certificate. I appreciate all the hard work you have done in both researching and putting together all this information as I am currently creating a document of the Todd side of the family.
It is quite easy for people to forget the hard work that goes into producing such a informative site.