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#23 Guest 2023-02-05 15:51
Quoting Nick Collin:
Hi Gary

This is exactly the sort of detail we love on this website - many thanks. If you take a photo of "Jack's Castle" on your pilgrimage next week be sure to email it to me at admin[at] and I'll use it to update the piece on Belle Isle!

Best wishes, Nick

Hi Nick,

I’ve just spotted that the email I sent with photo of ‘Jack’s Castle’ attached could not be delivered.
#22 Nick Collin 2022-12-22 14:51
Hi Abi. That's quite spooky! Jenny has just done a massive update (not published yet) to her "Hunting Ghosts" piece about Cloudesley Road and one of the most interesting things to have emerged was the Balls family motor business in Balls Yard hidden away behind what is now Elystan Walk. We'd be really interested in learning more about the family. Please would you email me at admin[at] so we can have a chat? Thanks, Nick
#21 Abi Game 2022-12-22 01:15
I wanted to bring your attention to George Ball from 33 Clousesley Road. He was in the Navy and then won a Military Medal in WW1 and was taken prisoner of war then lost a leg returned to the UK and set up a Garage trading under Frank Ball and Sons. He moved away and died in 1940 near Bury St Edmunds.
#20 Nick Collin 2022-12-19 13:07
Hi Gary

This is exactly the sort of detail we love on this website - many thanks. If you take a photo of "Jack's Castle" on your pilgrimage next week be sure to email it to me at admin[at] and I'll use it to update the piece on Belle Isle!

Best wishes, Nick
#19 Gary Barnett 2022-12-18 13:49

My family lived in Islington for several generations. They were horse slaughterers and worked in Belle Isle which was described as ‘the chief seat of the London horse slaughterers’.

I’ve read your very interesting piece about Belle Isle - your quote about Jack Atcheler was something I write some years ago!

Amazingly, Jack Atcheler’s counting house (office) which was once described as ‘Jack’s Castle’ is still standing in York Way.

I’m hoping to make a pilgrimage there next week to take a few photos.
#18 Nick Collin 2022-10-14 10:38
Hello Mick. It sounds like you're a treasure trove of local information! I'm going to come round and knock on your door. Have you seen Jenny's article "Hunting Ghosts" about Cloudesley Road, here: ? You two need to swap notes if you haven't done so already.

Thanks, Nick
#17 Mick Bucknell 2022-10-13 16:11
Hello I've just discovered your very interesting website.I was born in the Royal Free Hospital in 1952 and has lived in Cloudesley Road my whole life.Firstly at 140 and now at 90B since 1976.

I have some old photographs of the Cloudesley outing and various bits of information about Cloudesley Road from my time at the British Library.

If this any interest please get in contact.

Kind regards

Mick Bucknell
#16 Malcolm Brown 2022-09-26 15:09
I’m researching our family history , and my great, great grandfather Thomas Francis Smith ( 1828-1971 and with Huguenot antecedents ) was the ‘victualler’ running the Crown, Cloudesley Road from 1867-1869. His daughter Ann married into the Browns in 1880.
Today we went into the Crown on a scouting mission, and the manager , Oliver Browning , was welcoming and helpful . Realising that Fullers will not have pub information dating back to the 1800s , he thought that through the Association your members might be able to help , or provide a research steer?
We think the current pub is the third on the site , but most probably retains late 19th C features .
Any insights or anecdotes most appreciated .
Malcolm Brown , Barnet.EN5
#15 Nick Black 2022-08-02 14:38
'little or nothing to be said' of Cloudsley Square according to E Beresford Chancellor in 'The history of the squares of London, topographical and historical' published in 1907. Though he does go on to acknowledge the pedigree of the church.
#14 Nick Collin 2022-03-21 18:03
Hi David. This is fascinating! 11 Cloudesley Square rang a bell with me so I put it in the search box for this website (on the home page) and bingo! it came up with one of my favourite people - Charles Holland Goodwin. Charles was born in the workhouse but turns up living in 11 Cloudesley Square and then seemed to do a swap with Cyril Medley, presumably the father of your friend Terry, and moved into my house a few doors down at 16 Cloudesley Square. No 11 is now occupied by my friend Sian who is also a keen local historian. If you could get in touch with me by email at I'm sure we could turn this into a great story! And I'd love to see that photo of your great uncle George at Holy Trinity School (now a housing association but still the original building).