The Cloudesley area has been home to many famous or otherwise interesting residents over the years. The list here is a work in progress - please let us know if you are aware of anyone else you think should be added.  They may have lived in your house!  Further details are available for some of the residents which you can access by clicking on the entry.


Cloudesley People

George Linnaeus Banks, 1821-81, Writer etc, 33 Cloudesley Square

Isobella Banks, 1821-64, Poet and Novelist, 33 Cloudesley Square

Glynn Boyd Harte, 1948-2003, Artist, 28 Cloudesley Square

Caroline Boyd Harte, nee Bullock, 1947- , Artist, 28 Cloudesley Square

Tony Blair, 1953-, Politician, 1 Richmond Crescent

Henry Butter, 1794-1885, Etymologist, 54 Cloudesley Terrace

Henry Tracey Coxwell, 1819-1900, Balloonist, 16 Cloudesley Square

William Hayman Cummings, 1831-1915, Musician and author, son of Edward Manly Cummings, Virger at St Pauls, both at Cloudesley Cottage, Cloudesley Square

Thomas Edwards, 1779-1858, Welsh-English Dictionary, 10 Cloudesley Square

John Thomas Emmett, 1823-1898, Victorian Gothic architect and son of John Emmett (builder of most of Cloudesley Estate), 1 Cloudesley Square

Roland Gift, 1961 - , Musician and Actor; lead singer with Fine Young Cannibals, 20 Cloudesley Square

John Abraham Heraud, 1799-1887, Author, critic, playwright and poet, 2 Cloudesley Terrace

Anne Howeson, Artist, Cloudesley Road, (see article here)

Lady Olga Maitland, 1944-, Politician, Cloudesley Street

Colin Pearson, 1923-2007, Potter, Cloudesley Road (click here for photo of studio)

Clive Ponting, 1946-2020, Whistleblower, Richmond Avenue then Cloudesley Road

Thomas Hosmer Shepherd, 1792–1864, Watercolour Artist, 5 Cloudesley St & 26 Batchelor St (blue plaque)

Robert Kent Thomas, 1816-1884, painter, engraver, lithographer, 25 Cloudesley Square

Edward Watts, 1978-, award winning filmmaker, and guardian at Holy Trinity Church

Warwick Williams, 1846-?, Composer, 1 Cloudesley Square




#4 Nigel Brachi 2023-02-14 18:54
I am just reading 'A Private Spy", a book of John Le Carré's letters. On January 5, 1975 he wrote to a friend: "63 Cloudesley Road is now a gem of a little house thanks to Jane [his wife] and... I like it very much".

I have no connection with this other than as a fan of Le Carré, but it was a pleasure to discover your site and to learn about the remarkable history of the Estate.
#3 Richard McCance 2020-11-05 10:04
In the early 70s I lived in Cloudsley Sq my neighbors were Michael Crawford and Playwrite Caryl Churchill. Sorry can’t remember the number of the house.
#2 Nick 2020-08-06 18:33
Thanks. I've found Thomas Leathart on Ancestry. Seems he was born in Haltwhistle, Northumberland in about 1761. There's not much more about him, but his will is very interesting! How did you know he was a paper hanger and manufacturer? Are you a descendant? Do please email me at nick[at] and we can exchange notes.
#1 Thomas Leathart 2020-08-06 16:10
Lived at Cloudesley Square with his wife Rebecca till his death in July 1832; he was a successful paper hanger and manufacturer.