Images of or about the Cloudesley area


Evening Skyline


Cloudesley Blossoms, Spring 2015








11 Cloudesley Street, open as part of the National Gardens Scheme, June 28th 2015

Garden 1Garden 2Garden 3Garden 4


Images relating to "Cloudesley" from the "Collage" Website: (highly recommended!).

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1 Cloudesley Square 198011 17 Cloudesley Square 1961132 133 Cloudesley Road 1975Church C Greenwood 1850

Church Cloudesley Square 1939Church Interior H Greenwood 1850

Church With Pedestrians Storer H and J 18 Cloudesley Road Place 1964Cloudesley Street Doorway 1959Cloudesley Street Fly Tipping 1966Infant School Cloudesley Square 18 Richard Cloudesley Special School 1972Seminary For Young Ladies 22 Cloudesley Square 1854Trinity Church TF Shepherd 18


Richard Cloudesley's Tomb

Richard Cloudesley's Gravestone. St Mary's Church, Upper St



 Cloudesley Trees - Autumn 2018

(Hover cursor over the image for identification, in format "name-of-tree_XXn", where XX refers to street - CS: Cloudesley Street; SQ: Square; CR: Cloudesley Road, etc, - and n is the approximate street number.  NB: the tree IDs could be wrong - please let us know if you disagree!)


    Maple SQ18Limes SQChurchApple CS12  

                       Rowan CR44Cherry CR38

                 Sweetgum CR102London_Plane_CRPubHornbeam CR146

     Hazel CR156Field Maple CR120Chinese Tree Privet CR76

... and here's a magnificent photo of the Catalpa or Indian Bean tree on the corner of Richmond Avenue and Thornhill Road in full bloom in July 2019 (thanks Jenny):

Catalpa Tree 1


... and, one of my favourites, the Raywood Ash on the Western approach road to Cloudesley Square, autumn 2019:

Raywood Ash Processed



Colin Pearson's Pottery Studio in Cloudesley Road

Colin Pearson Studio Cloudesley Road



Photos kindly provided by Doreen Brooks (nee Lampshire) from "Gold Dust - Born and Bred in Cloudesley Road"

Wedding Holy TrinityMarket 12VE Day Cloudesey Arms

Margate 1Margate 2



Old Cloudesley Images by Kind Permission of the Islington Local History Centre

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Old Map of IslingtonCloudesley Square South Looking West c1960

Drawing of Cloudesley Square


Cloudesley Square SW Corner c1970

Stonefield Street Looking South With Church














Horse-Drawn Narrowboat Under Macclesfield Bridge, Regents Canal

Islington Fire Station stables, Upper Street, 1900s















Cloudesley Church From Elizabeth Terrace


 Cloudesley Place Rear



Scenes from Thornhill Gardens, Sunday 25 August, 2019

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IMG 0906 GroupIMG 0909 RosesIMG 0911 RowenaIMG 0912 Dirk



Holy Trinity Church, Christmas 2021

From Bedroom 2 Processed for WebNave Roof Looking East

Nave Roof Looking WestFrom Bedroom 1 Processed for WebLeft Tower Scaffolding Removal

Rainbow Turret 1

Some attempts at artwork - the view from the front bedroom at No 16 ....

Church Xmas 2021 Nick iPad


Church 1 Processed


And for comparison, my neighbour Warwick has just sent me this 1978 photo.  As he points out, note the size of the trees!

Warwick 1978 Church


Summer 2021 - Shadows cast by the balconies on Cloudesley Road - captured by Jenny.

IMG 0410 Cloudesley Road Shadows


And Jenny is also responsible for these photos of the new church interior, showing the magnificent new nave ceiling, but the still sadly neglected walls below.


IMG 0414IMG 0415


IMG 0419 IMG 0420


IMG 0418


 And here's a photo of Holy Trinity at dawn taken by Henrietta:

Church at Dawn

Old Islington Postcards

Postcards c1906 kindly provided by Martin Leman:

  • Union Chapel Compton Terrace. Islington of Yesteryear 7
  • Roman Road, Barnsbury N with Cumberland Street on the left and further left Pentonville Prison. Islington of Yesteryear 24
  • Westbourne Road Barnsbury, N with Ellington Street on the right and the church on the left. Islington of Yesteryear 19


Islington postcards c1906



Platinum Jubilee Street Party in Cloudesley Street

Lesley from Cloudesley Street kindly organised a street party for the Bank Holiday 3-6 June 2022 and by all accounts it was a big success, as you can see from these photos which Jenny took.  As Jenny points out, if you look here in the gallery you can see a photo taken by Doreen Lampshire of another street party which took place in Cloudesley Street to celebrate VE day.


cloudesley_street6.jpgcloudesely street3


cloudesley road3



Paintings by Francisco Gutierrez of Islington pubs (including the Crown, in both summer and winter!) - check out his complete collection here: 

3 The Crown Cloudesley Sq Islington 1024x763



21 the crown in winter edited copy


Albion Pub



Old photos kindly provided by Mick Bucknell, lifelong resident of Cloudesley Road, of the outings by bus which used to be organised by the Friendly Neighbours Association on a regular basis in the 1950s and 1960s.  You can read an account in the Islington Gazette of one such outing to Margate in 1962 which Jenny included in her piece on Doreen Brooks, who also went on the trips.  Mick's photos, below, are mostly from a 1950 outing and feature his Dad, who was on the organising committee. 

Bus Committee Incl Micks Dad

















Big Crowd and Bus Outside Doolans Cropped


 Grey Green Bus Plus Crowd Cropped


7 Men Outside 140 142 Plus War Sign



Liquid Amber Tree

Jo Murray captured this stunning image of what she claims is a Liquid Amber tree, known in the US as a Sweetgum, taken at an unusual angle from her rooftop in Barnsbury Road.  According to my calculations, the tree stands outside about no. 130 Cloudesley Road, just North of the old Linalux factory at nos.120-125.  There's an interesting view of the back of what remains of this, on the right of the photo.

Jo Murrays Tree 2022



Churchyard Garden, May 2023

The Bluebells are particularly impressive this year.  These are Spanish Bluebells - the native ones are less showy, and droop to one side.  The clumps of smaller pink flowers are Oxalis.  And some wildflowers are just beginning to appear - Marigolds and some Forget-Me-Nots borrowed from Thornhill gardens.

Jenny 1Jenny 3


Jenny 4

 IMG 1435IMG 1431











 And here's some close-ups from late May (hover over image for ID):



Islington of Yesteryear Postcards, Early C20th - see Here for Captions


Islington of yesteryear post cards a 002


Islington of yesteryear post cards b 002


More Church Artwork, 2024

The two paintings below were created using a lithograph drawn and printed by C.J. Greenwood, C1850 and entitled:


To the Rev William Vincent M.A. Incumbent this View is Respecfully Dedicated

By his humble servant C.J Greenwood

C.J. Greenwood Del et Lith

The original is courtesy of the London Metropolitan Archives

It appears to have been drawn from a vantage point on the steps of No. 15.  


lma holy trinity islington.xb29146b3


I've coloured in the original:

Etching Coloured In


 In this one I've added present day images:

Etching With Additions




French Bulldog donated by Florence Trust to New River College

Grass DogGrass Dog2


#8 Lesley Cole 2022-06-10 17:03
Thank you for sharing the pictures. The Street party was a joy to arrange and an even bigger joy to attend! I really enjoyed meeting new neighbours and friends. L
#7 Nick 2020-07-26 17:35
Good question Louis. If you look at the pictures of the Cloudesley Square earlier on in the gallery, above, there were certainly no trees in 1960 or 1970 - it looks quite different! Whereas I'm fairly confident I can remember there being small trees when I moved in in 1990. So my guess is they were planted as part of gentrification in the 1980s. Does anyone know for sure?
#6 louis 2020-07-26 16:17
When were the trees planated?
#5 Dirk 2017-10-10 09:57
Ta for creating the web site. Really great pics of the area. Need some of the school, Doves yard and the inside of your favourite watering hole with a bottle of Fullers London Pride!
#4 Nick Collin 2015-06-28 14:33
A beautiful and well designed garden belonging to Gilvrie and David Lock. Well worth a visit to pick up ideas!
#3 Gillian 2015-04-25 18:37
Who are the owners of the lovely window boxes?

#2 Nick Collin 2015-04-25 17:35
Hover the cursor over the images to see how I've identified the plants - let me know if I've got it wrong!
#1 Nick 2014-12-31 19:05
More images welcome!