Cloudesley Association - Minutes of Meeting

Venue: Draper's Arms

Date: 26th January 2016

Guests: Barnsbury Safer Neighbourhood Team


16 local residents attended representing Cloudesley Square, Cloudesley Road, Cloudesley Street, Stonefield Street, Richmond Avenue and Dove's Yard.

1. Barnsbury Safer Neighbourhood Team
Contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
020 7421 0328 and 07920 233 797
Emergency 999
Non-emergency 101

- Islington is split into clusters and Barnsbury is within the West cluster that includes St Mary's, Angel and Caledonian Road in addition to Barnsbury.
- Barnsbury is almost always the lowest ward for criminality within the West cluster, and even the worst ward within this cluster is still the lowest in Islington.
- The only area where the figures are high for the ward is for drugs but as this only gets recorded if someone is arrested and prosecuted, this shows that the local team is proactive in this field.

Reporting ASB/ crime
- The local team invites the residents to report anything through crime stoppers: and 0800 555 111 or using the details above.
- All reports remain confidential. If reported through crimestoppers, the local team won't even know who reported it. No details will be passed on.
- They are targeting 'snatch' offence where theft is being carried out from bicycle and mopped.
- Any issue with mopped, try to (discreetly/ safely) take the registration number and report date, location, time and why it was considered that the mopped was driven in an 'unsociable' manner.
- They are also targeting cycling on pavement as this is linked to the above and a fine can be given.
- Graffiti is anti-social behaviour and is not believed to be gang related in Islington. You can report graffiti using the Clean Islington App or you can contact Islington (see
- If there are any issues with threatening or out of control dogs, call the police on 999 if urgent or e-mail the local team the location, date and time. Dog fouling can be reported on 020 7527 7272 and 7527 2000 or by using the Clean Islington App.

Ward panel
There is a ward panel constituted of a few local residents. If anyone is interested in joining the panel, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. School redevelopment starting & Public meeting on 11th February.
- A newsletter was dropped in surrounding streets inviting local residents to attend a public meeting on the 11th February at 6pm at Laycock Professional Development Centre on Laycock Street, N1 1TH.
- Soft stripping is starting towards the end of February, followed by the main contract works including demolition on the 4th April.
- As a reminder, the Planning Consent that lists all conditions is attached.
- Main concerns at this stage are risk of rodent infestation during demolition, works to trees and construction traffic. We strongly recommend people attend the meeting if they have any concerns or queries.

3. AOB

Care to elderly residents.
It was suggested that we could find out if any elderly residents might need support. If anyone knows of any elderly person on their street who might need help, please let us know.
Might be worth going through and maybe local residents could take turn in organising a tea party?
That organisation has a contact for North London and it looks like they have something in Islington too ( Would you like me to make contact?

Quietway scheme.
- People expressed concerns about the report of a quietway scheme that could affect neighbouring streets and in particular Thornhill Road.
- There is Quietway 2/Grid Route 3 from Bloomsbury to Walthamstow that has a section in Islington and that is to be delivered by the end of the year.
- See
- The London Cycling Campaign has launched a petition asking the council " to remove the majority of traffic from this route by only providing local access and cutting of the route to through traffic. This is a great opportunity for cycling money to be used to benefit local communities."
- See
- We will try to find out more and report back.

It would appear that Uber taxis are using Cloudesley Square during idle times in the evenings. We will look into what we can do about this.

Street Party.
Some residents are keen to have a street party. If anyone wishes to come forward to organise this, please contact Amanda and/or Florence.

4. AGM
Finally, Amanda and Florence have been re-elected as Chair and Secretary respectively.