Cloudesley Association – March 2021 Update


  1.  The Cloudesley Centre - Notice of Zoom Meeting, Update and Blog

As you will have seen, the scaffolding has come down, but restoration work continues inside the Church with the repair of the nave ceiling.

Kevin Rogers from the Diocese, together with a couple of helpful residents, have been tidying up the churchyard.  Whilst this is just a temporary job, because it will all be dug up again fairly soon for drainage and other infrastructure works (as you will see in the flyer referenced below/attached), it will nevertheless hopefully keep it looking as good as possible.

Many of you will have noticed the letter from the Diocese delivered through your letterboxes which invites those who wish to learn more about recent progress and to be consulted on the business plan for the church to a Zoom meeting next week.

Please see here if you have not. Details also below:

Date:                     Thursday, 11 March 2021

Time:                    7pm

Zoom Details:     Meeting ID: 999 7006 3658; Password: 264985


Please also see the latest post on our church restoration blog:

  1. People Friendly Streets - Highbury West


We understand that a number of you have thoughts (positive and negative) and possible concerns about the People Friendly Streets / Low Traffic Neighbourhoods initiatives. Highbury West is the latest area that has been the subject of changes.

In a letter to an Association member who had objected to the initiatives, the Council has replied with the following advice:

“There is a dedicated feedback survey for Highbury West which you can complete here:

To ensure that local people have a say in how the measures are working and whether they should be made permanent Islington Council have chosen to install them as an 18-month trial using an Experimental Traffic Order (“ETO”).    


The experimental traffic order for Highbury West came into effect on 11 December 2020. The order will remain in place for 18 months, until 11 June 2022.  Crucially, the ETO process allows the Council to make changes to the scheme during the first 12 months so that they can take into account local people’s suggestions and their own monitoring.  You can submit suggestions for changes during the first six months of the scheme’s operation (see below).  


Consultation is a key part of the trial period, with a full public consultation taking place approximately 12 months into the 18-month trial to find out what residents think of the people-friendly measures.  This is unlike previous traffic schemes installed by Islington, because it will allow enough time for residents to have had a chance to experience the changes and for traffic patterns to have settled down.  


Full details of how to contribute to the consultation will be published ahead of time.  The consultation will be open for at least 21 days and open to anyone to respond.  Based on feedback and monitoring data, Islington Council will decide whether the measures will be changed, made permanent or removed at the end of the 18-month trial period.    

The Council installed this scheme using an Experimental Traffic Order (“ETO”), made under Sections 9 and 10 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. Under this legislation, you can make a formal objection to this scheme within the first six months of the scheme’s operation (until 11 June 2021).  

Any formal objection must be in writing, must refer to the relevant area, and must state the grounds on which it is made. Objections should be sent to:  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Post: Public Realm, 1 Cottage Road, London, N7 8TP.  Please note that that any formal objection that is submitted may become a public document and could be published.  

In addition to the objection period described above there will be a second opportunity to have your say during the full public consultation which will take place after 12 months to find out what you think of the measures.”  


3.      Bank Account News

Thanks to Nick, the Association now has its very own bank account!

As many of you are aware, Apple TV/Little Island Productions had been planning to film in Cloudesley Square in early January. Sadly, the filming of the production did not go ahead as planned. However, the Association was generously offered £3,500 by way of thanks for helping to arrange and market resident briefings for the production. And we certainly didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, so whilst we have not previously ever needed a bank account, we now have one.

We would like to use the money wisely for Cloudesley-community purposes. However, we do not propose to spend it all at once (and are certainly intending to retain some money to fund refreshments for future resident meetings!). Before any money is withdrawn from the account, we will let residents know what the purpose of the withdrawal will be and give an opportunity for residents to object. We would be very interested to hear from residents with ideas as to how they would like us to spend some of the money (very) locally.

4.     Findings


Whilst we have all been observing lockdown rules, many of us have been enjoying walks in our local vicinity. One of our residents, Matilda, has kindly alerted us to one of our former residents, William Craghill, who is buried in Highgate Cemetery, having clearly loved living in the Cloudesley area so much that it was mentioned on his gravestone – see below.

Craghill Inscription

We’ve done some research on William and his family and published the results together with Matilda’s photos on our website, here:

Thanks to Matilda for reaching out to us and sharing this with us.


If you are aware of any event, consultation or news item that you would like us to include in our next newsletter, please let us know.

As ever, if you know of any neighbour who is not on the Cloudesley Association email distribution list, please pass this email on and/or ask them to provide us with their contact details (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so that they can be kept in the loop.


Amanda and Nick

On behalf of 

The Cloudesley Association

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